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Strangely Enough Maintenance Episode Lets Bring Back The Show, We Need Input. Contact Update

Looking for input on bringing Strangely Enough Podcast. We are just about out of original episodes but due to overwelming downloads of the archived show we are considering bringing it back. If you would like to see new episodes of Strangely Enough Please contact me at one of the contacts listed below. if enough folks are interested we will go back into production of the show.

i even have enough information to do a whole episode on the Canadian mass foot migration with 13 years of new information.

Waiting to hear from my loyal listeners.

Thanks Richard

Strangely Enough Episode 5 (2007)

Woman says a her thing panties injured her eyeTraditional Chinese dishes get a linguistic makeover for the Beijing OlympicsChinese high school teacher has been fired and denounced for fleeing class room before his students during earthquakeRaining cement in MoscowA man breaking into German supermarket arrested when he goes to police station to get hand cuff removedResidents of Bucharest Hungary have elected a dead guyAn Italian man kidnaps ex-girlfriend to do his houseworkLemonade Stand OffAshland Oregon gets their G-String in a wadThe all mighty enema

Strangely Enough Episode 4 (2007)

We hate WindowsBill got his DSL cut offWe love our Linux BoxesFriday the 13th is not more unlucky than any other FridayKnights TemplarMan in Singapore gets a jail time and caning for sniffing arm pitsLeader of body parts ring apologizes in court.Pluto gets a consolation prizeSusan Atkins wants a compassionate release from prisonFrank Keys Jr. faces up to 40 years in prison after he was found cruising down the highway with more than 200 grams of heroine in the diaper he was wearingA ban on bikinis in Utah at a city pool expected to be revisedMan gets ticket for going topless in public (Criminal Nakedness)Nobody understands striking it lucky like this galOne horned deer looks like the Mystical UnicornFlying saucer in the works

Strangely Enough Episode 3 (2007)

Moving, Moving, Moving

Bill is still having issues

This is more of a update episode

Gaining listenership

These are old addresses

Please go to http://

The Taos Hum

The Taos Hum solved HERE

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 19 The House Richard Built MD-UV380 Whoas and Tragic Amazon

Anger over the way I was treated by a person that presumed to fill my shoes.

Richard goes humble

Rude guest don’t understand they live in a house I helped build

Cupcakes and drinking

Start your own Damned Show!!!

Still having trouble with the UV md380

User Database

Strangely Enough

The epic journey of the usb adapters via Amazon


Resonant Frequency will return

I’m starting to feel like the Garth Brooks of Amateur Radio

I have decided to become my own club

More, More, More

Elmer Elmer Elmer

HAM Radio is not a hobby it’s a lifestyle

and don’t forget all Amateur radio Operators are Brothers

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 16 Pi-star, DMR and LHS.

Vintage Psychotropic intro From Linux in the Ham Shack. Recently visited Russ, Cheryl and Bill over at Linux in the Ham Shack Not just about Linux and Amateur Radio. Recent episodes have a couple of interviews with Andy Taylor MW0MWZ The Pi-Star guy and Episodes about D-Stat and XLX reflectors and a lot more. I…

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RFPVE 006: updating the mmdvm hat firmware on your Pi-Star radio hotspot

Hello everybody. This is the first in a few videos we will be doing to take a look at the basics of some of the digital modes like DMR, D-Star, YSF and we will even be looking at the care and feeding of your Pi-Star hotspot. This time we look at the process of updating…

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Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 13 Show Notes

Opening theme:00:00 Midlife Crisis – Give it all away Intro: 00:36 Frappr map: 01:01 Hello to KE5JVH, AK5Z, K5ALO, N5ALO, and unidentified listeners around the country and around the world. When you add yourself to the Frappr map, please add your name and callsign, and send a message to Richard. Feedback: 04:04 Randy, KE5JVH says…

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Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 013 Are clubs less friendly these days?

We have our last installment of Buzzword until Don, W9VE, sends us more installments. If you would like to do an installment of Buzzword, please let me know. All you have to do is pick something in amateur radio you are interested in and talk about it for five or ten minutes. If you are…

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Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 15 The World Class Heroes Of Brandmeister Talk Group 91

This time we talk about the net control operators on the Brandmeister Talk Group 91. These guys in my opinion are World Class net controls. They stay cool calm and collected under some of the most adverse operating conditions that you can encounter as a net control repeater police, stations checking in out of order…

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