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Resonant Frequency Classic #044: This is the club to be in.

We are still having trouble with the Itunes feed go to for older episodes. Here you go episode 44. We try to answer an email question concerning getting more folks into a local club.
Music by John Williams and 500 miles to Memphis

Resonant Frequency Classic #043: Repurpose that Field Day.

Another Mobile Episode, this time a couple of alternate uses for field day.
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Resonant Frequency Classic #042: Return of the Feedback Feedbag

The much anticipated and long awaited episode 42 of Resonant Frequency has arrived. This time we had so much feedback that is all we had time for but there is some good stuff in there. give it a listen. Our music is provided by IODA Promonet: Magic Slim and the Teardrops “Do You Mean It”…

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Resonant Frequency Classic #041: Going Mobile. Thanks Dave.

Ok folks here we go we were down and out for a while but we are back for now spread the word. The website has moved to and please send all your feedback to Our music is provided by IODA Promonet: Mark Hummel “Funky Way” (mp3) from “Retro-Active” (Electro-Fi Records) Buy at Napster…

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Resonant Frequency Classic #040: D-Rats a late Christmas.

Well we have hit the big 40, Just like Russ K5TUX. I am sorry this is a little late. Things get a little busy around here at Christmas time. This time I discuss an on going project of mine. Setting up a D-Rats reflector and it may end up being a multi part episode. we…

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Resonant Frequency Classic #039: Feedback Feedbag

We start with a few words for the folks at Fort Hood Army Base. Then we move to a marathon feedback session. Then we move to our Belton Hamfest wrap up and Finish up with a little talk about Software Defined Radios. Music was provided by IODA Promonet: Mike Zito “Little Red Corvette” (mp3) from…

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Resonant Frequency Classic #038: Dipoles, both of them.

Dipoles, Dipoles and other fun. Here you go. i apologize for doing another best of episode but my job has really kept me jumping this month. Next time we will talk about the Belton Hamfest and other things. This is a 2 hour episode and I will get you a new show next time. Music…

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Resonant Frequency classic #037: Rapid charging cures warts.

This time we talk about wall warts Rapid chargers and rude HAMs and we listen to some Brad Sucks. A good time was had by all.
Music was provided by Magnatune

Check it out.
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Resonant Frequency Classic #036: Who died and made you conductor?

It is time again for Resonant Frequency. This time we talk a little bit about conductor size in relation to frequency. We received some really useful email and a reminder that I don’t do such a great job with show notes. We have added a fan page for the show at Facebook go by and…

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Resonant Frewuency Classic #035: Look ma’ I,m on Video

Resonant Frequency Episode 35 is out. This time we have a suprise for you. This is the audio track of our very first live Episode at Don’t forget the zero on the end or you will end up in the wrong place. We are in the process of getting a schedule in place…

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