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Resonant Frequency EP 31 Useful Websites

Useful Websites

Opening Theme 00:00

Intro: 00:54

Feedback: 01:29

Bob, KJ4DZT, sends a Tweet that his wife got her license thanks to our show.

Contact Richard via email, or on Twitter at Send your show suggestions orquestions, too.

Donations: 04:52

None received since October. Thanks to everyone who has donated. Pleasekeep them coming, so we can continue the shows. If one episode has helped, it should be worth at least a dollar. Visit the Resonant Frequency website then click the Help Support link to PayPal and make a donation. Click on the Amazon link to make your purchases, and we’ll get a little bit of the transaction.

09:51 New section manager here, locally. We’ll see how that works out.

10:21 We’re looking at possibly doing some video, and perhaps a live show We will keep you posted.

Song: 11:18 “If Love Can’t Find A Way”, by Eric Lindell, from the album “Gulf Coast Highway”,

Topic: 13:08

Useful websites:

Pretty Good Projects, which is an entry point for the next foursites on this list, and – DX alerts – Lots of interesting forums of ham radio (US) – Practice tests and other info for your license exams, UK or (UK)hamfeed,com – A ham repeater for Twitter and – A sort of Twitter directory of – A collection of blog posts, photos, news, DX spots, etc., of interest to – home of the Ham Radio Podclass, which will help you prepare for yourTechnician, General or Extra class amateur radio license – A microblogging service, with lots of amateur radio traffic available.

Song: 39:55 “Welfare Blues” by Kirk Fletcher, from the album “Shades of Blue”, available

Closing theme: 45:38

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RRA EP 30 Embarrassing Ham Nets

Embarrassing Ham Nets

Hello everybody, first I would like to apologize for the amount of time it has been since the last RRA. I recently found myself in the hospital and have been having to spend a tremendous amount of time recuperating but we are hoping to get the show back on track so that you can hear my melodious voice regularly.

We recently did a live recording on the Resonant Frequency Discord server and we would like everybody to join us for future recording sessions click this link and it will take you right over there. Do the verification and and you will be ready to go. The server is located at

This time I wanted to talk a few minutes about something I found very disturbing recently. That is to say “What The Hell Has Happened To Amateur Radio Nets?”

I am not talking about the old and well established nets but the new and improved idiotic ragchew sessions that are being spoon fed to the new operators because they don’t know any better. Listen a bit and form your own opinion.

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Resonant Frequency EP 30 Deep Cycle

Resonant Frequency EP 29 Deep Cycle

Opening them: 00:00

Intro: 00:53 We survived Christmas and New Year’s.

Feedback: 01:36 No email since last time.

Donations: 01:54 No donations since last time.

The conversion to digital TV is coming. Are you ready?We made some changes to the website. Check it out.Apologies for the episode being late.Jay W5GM would like your vote for North Texas Section Manager.

Song: 06:48 “Payback Blues” by Dennis Mitchell Band, from the album “Highway Kind of Life”

Buzzword: 09:01 Participation.For many of us, participation is simply talking on the radio during our commute to and from work.Why not take part in a club event? It’s a great way to promote the hobby, and it’s fun!

Song: 13:29 “Harpo-Ventillation” by Mark Hummel, from the album “Mark Hummel’s Blues Harmonica Blowouts”

Topic: 15:12 SLI, Marine and Deep-cycle Batteries

Start, Light and Ignition (SLI) batteries are designed to deliver a lot of energy in a short time, not to deliver steady power over a long time.Marine batteries are a compromise between marine and deep-cycle batteries, and share characteristics of both.A deep-cycle battery is designed to be repeatedly discharged 80% of capacity and can deliver a steady current for a long period of time. 24:55 Testing deep-cycle batteries

27:58 1. Inspect

29:04 2. Recharge

29:24 3. Remove surface charge

30:29 4. Measure the state-of-charge

30:49 5. Load test

32:00 6. Recharge

33:34 Use deep-cycle batteries for the radio shack, in a well-ventilated area

Song: 34:55 “Way Down the River” by Sugarcane Collins, from the album “Way Down the River”, available here:

Conclusion: 38:17

Closing theme:42:00

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Resonant Frequency EP 29 Gel Cell and Lithium Ion

Gel Cell and Lithium Ion and Christmas

Song: 00:00

“Mrs. Santa Claus” by Jingle Punx, from the album “Coal”

Intro: 01:35 Christmas time in North Texas.

Feedback: 02:30

John, M0JFE, likes the show and asks for a show about packet radio.

Thanks, too, to Bill at SolderSmoke for the mention.

Damon, NN7B, listens to both shows, and asks how sealed lead acid batteries compare to nicad and nimh for a grab-n-go kit or mobile station?

Donations: 07:54

Thanks to David, no callsign given, in Pleasonton, CA, andJerry, KD0BIK, of the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast.

08:48 Different music format this time – Christmas music.

10:40 Take a look at the Cafe Press store for Resonant Frequency merchandise.

Click through the Amazon link at our site.

Song: 12:42

“Goin’ On a Date With Santa” by Dr. Elmo, from the album “Up Your Chimney”

Buzzword: 16:16 Superheterodyne, presented by Tim Sutton, KI6BGE.

Song: 22:34 “Don’t Want No Bones for Christmas (I Want An Electric Guitar)” by Paul Austin Kelly, from the album “Don’t Want No Bones for Christmas”,

Topic: 25:54 Batteries: Gel cells and lithium ion.

Gel cells are a type of valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) batteries. They have a pressure-relief valve to allow venting of hydrogen during overcharging, and a gelled electrolyte. Theyhave a greater resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration than typical wet-cellbatteries like the common car battery.(Contrary to what Richard says, hydrogen is a colorless, odorless gas. The “rotten egg” smellfrom an over-charging car battery is due to the creation of hydrogen sulfide gas, H2S. -Ed.) Lithium Ion batteries.Most of the newer electronics, like laptops, handheld radio, etc., has Lithium ion batteriesdue to their energy to weight ratio, and no memory effect. They also have a low self-dischargerate and are lighter than other types. Their service life depends on the time of manufacture,regardless of number of charge/discharge cycles. The internal resistance is higher than mostof the other chemistries.

Song: 41:44 “Send Me a Wife for Christmas” by Dr. Elmo, from the album “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”,

Conclusion: 44:42 Listen to Linux in the Ham Shack, too!Happy Holidays!

Closing song: 46:42 “Jingle Bells (Dan the Automator Remix)” by Dean Martin, from the album “Christmas Remixed -Holiday Classics Re-Grooved”

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Resonant Frequency EP 28 Shocking Ni-Cad

Ni-Cad Battery Deep Dive

Opening Theme
01:02 Introduction
Greetings to the hams working the California forest fires.

03:10 Feedback
Tim, KI6BGE, writes about his first radio, a Yaesu FT-747GX, and his first hand-held, an FT-60R, and other rigs. He also asks about cross-band repeating through the FT-8900R in his car.

Damon, NN7B, says Richard is his ham hero, and also listens to the Linux in the Ham Shack podcast. He was having a problem downloading the first episode, but that should be sorted out now.

Joe, NE2Z, enjoys both podcasts, and made a donation. Thanks, Joe!
Bob, KB3OQY, likes the podcast and learns something new in each episode. He also made a donation.

10:43 Donations
Thanks to Joe NE2Z and Bob KB3OQY for their donations. If you find anything useful in an episode of Resonant Frequency, consider donating a dollar. That’s less than a gallon of gasoline.

Song “Voodoo Queen” by Tommy Dardar, from the album “Blues Fool”

13:55 Buzzword
Memory effect – reality or myth?
If you partially discharge a nickel-cadmium battery (NiCad), and recharge it, it may “remember” that point of discharge as it’s fully discharged state. The best practice is to fully discharge a NiCad battery pack before recharging, and avoid the use of rapid chargers. A related phenomenon is “lazy battery”, where the battery appears to have a full charge, but becomes depleted rapidly when put to use. This is often caused by frequent overcharging, and may be cured by several deep discharge/recharge cycles.

20:29 Song
“Wasn’t That Enough” by Janiva Magness, from the album “Bury Him At The Crossroads”

22:01 Topic
Nicad batteries.
This topic was suggested by several messages on the forums.
The abbreviation NiCad is a registered trademark of SAFT Corporation. Advantages: lower weight, good charging efficiency, smaller variations in terminal voltage during discharge, low internal resistance, non-critical charging condition. In theory, a nicad battery may be charged and discharged up to 1000 times.

Comparison to Nickel-metal Hydride (NiMH)

Disadvantages: higher cost, toxicity, memory effect, and a negative temperature coefficient. Nicad cells are typically 1.2V, while alkaline cells are 1.5V.

Charging. The typical overnight charge, called a C/10 charge, is accomplished by applying 10% of the battery’s total capacity for a period of 14 hours; that is, a 100 mAh battery takes 140 mAh of energy to charge.

Dendritic shorting.

“Welfare Blues” by Kirk Fletcher, from the album “Shades of Blue”

58:25 Conclusion
ail Richard at
KB5JBV on D-Star via port C on the NE5R repeater.

theme music is “Give It All Away”, by midliFeCrisis, from the album “Live from the Loft”

Closing theme music is “We Gotta Go” by David Henderson at Podsafe Audio.

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Resonant Frequency EP 27 Watt Elmer?

Episode 27 Watt Elmer? Show Notes

Song: 00:00

Intro: 00:54

Feedback: 01:23

Regarding episode 25

Thomas, WC5B, says he has changed his mind about what he recommends to new hams for a first radio, based on Richards comments.

Ray, KO4RB, also talks about episode 25 and his thoughts on a handy-talk as a first radio.

Jerry, KD0BIK, of The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast disagreed with some of Richard’s comments about media coverage of hurricane damage (Ike and Gustav) along the gulf coast. Richard’s comments were meant to be specific to his local media.

Ray, KO4RB, also writes to thank Richard for the podcast, and extols their virtues as a tool for elmering new hams. He’s also exploring Linux for use in his shack, experiments with digital modes, DStar, and more. He also made a donation!

Rich, AB6TY, says he listens as he works in the welding shop, and enjoys the information and music. He loves CW and encourages others to give it a try, and recommends FISTS and SKCC. He reminds Richard that new hams should be aware of split-frequency operations while chasing DX. He asks “What is a ‘lid’?” A lid is a bad operator.

Donations: 17:25

Rich AB6TY, Ray KO4RB made donations, which allowed the purchase of a microphone, and a new machine to record the podcast. Consider a dollar per episode. Every dollar helps. Remember, we have to pay for the hosting service. shop at Amazon through the link at the website. Thanks!

19:55 Russ K5TUX and Richard released the first episode of Linux in the Ham Shack. Give it a listen

Song: 22:07 “Night Time is the Right Time” by Elvin Bishop, featuring John Nemeth & Angela Strehli, from the album “The Blues Rolls On”

Buzzword: 23:19 SWR and Watt MetersMeasures power out in watts and the SWR (standing wave ratio). Higher SWR is bad, as most modern radios will reduce their output if the SWR is too high, so it’s a good idea to monitor the SWR. They can also be used to tune your wire or mobile antennas.

Song: 31:58 “What Is That You Got” by Magic Slim & the Teardrops from the album “Midnight Blues”

Topic: 34:17 How can you be a better Elmer? Elmer is the amateur radio term for a mentor. Anyone can be an Elmer. It just takes the desire to share what you know with someone else. It does take patience. Talk up the hobby with other folks. Teach a class. Get involved with one of the scouting organizations. Wear a shirt that proclaims your interest in the hobby. Be available at a special event station to answer questions.

Song: 57:17 “Sleep” by Albert Cummings from the album “Feel So Good: Albert Cummings”

Closing theme:65:04

RRA EP 29 Discord and Taking the Tech Test Simplified


Discord and Taking the Tech Test Simplified

WelcomeTalking about Feedback and EmailTalking about the Studio and having to improviseDiscord communityYou are invited to join us at DiscordVoice ChannelsText ChannelsStreaming VideoOPEN INVITE TO THE DISCORD SERVER: #1 community on DiscordPaul NC is the king of the serverCome and visit usMore about ContactsClick here for ContactsOur all inclusive Contact Page Help from our ListenersShow notesModerationVoice oversAudio segments about Amateur Radioand moreSend us your Audio Segments!All about Taking the Technician TestPaul NC our Discord Engineer passed his Tech Test!!!Father and Grand Father are HAMsTips for the testRichard’s Story TimeThere used to be 5 Classes of licenseSnoring to WB6NOA code tapesJerry Zilliac that was his name.Leading and Lagging Phase Angles???MFJ Electronic Keyer with Auto Crap settingARRL President Emeritus Jim Haynie, W5JBP, SKHe will be missedThe secret plan for passing the Tech testRichard’s Story Time episode 2What the Hell is an MMIC?!!Opinions changeBARNACLESTangent: Lost HAMSNo one wants to help the new HAMsTalk them into becoming a ham and the abandon themClueless Extras – the Anti-ElmersThe Anti-Elmers give us multiple reasons not to renewYou shouldn’t have to actively seek out ElmersThe new guys are shyShyness is the biggest of licensesMultiple reasons not to renewYou shouldn’t have to actively seek out ElmersThe new guys are shyShyness is the biggest of licensesThe OutsiderThe ClingerDamn My Chair SqueaksThe Anti-ElmersMultiple reasons not to renewYou shouldn’t have to actively seek out ElmersThe new guys are shyShyness is the biggest of licensesThe OutsiderThe ClingerDamn My Chair SqueaksGlossary – See Glossary for terms used on the show.

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Resonant Frequency EP 26 Multimeter and Heisenberg

Werner Heisenberg

Multimeter and Werner Heisenberg

Feedback Randy K7AGE Youtube: KJ4CNNDon (? Call) in WashingtonJoe NE2Z says we’re tastyNeil in Sugarland TexasArt KE5JLBLinux in the HAM ShackGuest Ron VK2DQ with the Heisenberg uncertainty principleBuzzword: Multimeter

Resonant Frequency EP 25 The Mystery of PL Tones and Your First Radio

The Mystery of PL Tones and First Radio


Your First Amateur Radio

PL tonesCTCSSSub Audible ToneTone squelch67 to 257 HZHelps sensitivityPower Line noise

First radioMy First New RadioRoy Rabey Episode 590% percent of hams licensed never key a radio Most never renewTop of the line radio is over ratedLow end radios are the keyGet on the air The Humble Handy TalkieClosed systems suckUniversal Green StampsTexas Towers SuckVertex VX-150KDK-FM2030Get on the air!Add to you handy talkie a little bit at a timeYeasu 209-RH for the first year and a half20 miles on a Ringo Ranger1/2 a wattWhat about MobileIf it works on you mobile it will work on your TalkieBuilt my own mobile antennaImproviseAdd an AMP, They are cheapViva La HamfestHTX-202Consider the Humble Handy talkieVox is not HAM FriendlyDon’t over look used equipmentGet on the air! Get on the air! Get on the air!

RRA EP 28 The Horrific Nashville Bombing and Codeless Extras

The Christmas day Nashville Tennessee Bombing Caught on camera

The Nashville Bombing and Codeless Extra Class Operators

Sorry trying another method for recording that is not goodGreeting to Richard’s Radio AdventuresThe Christmas Day Nashville BombingChristmas Morning 2020Van broadcasting warningMinimal injuriesAT&T hub in Nashville disabledThe goal of Terrorism is to create FEAR not to rack up a body count. If there is a body count that’s just gravy for the terrorist. The Amateur Radio community ralliedARES was ready to goSocial media was nearly worthlessOnly responses on social media were on RedditA lot of good in formation the and the Idiot hobby radio operatorsI was told by one to heat up my hot pocket and get back to my Mama’s basementSome of the Emcomm events I was involved with:Moving traffic North Ridge EarthquakeMoving traffic on HF during hurricane KatrinaSpotting Lancaster TornadoSpotting Forney TX TornadoMoving traffic Oklahoma City Bombingand other eventsTechnology Fails in EmergenciesCell ServiceWireless internetAT&T Building attackedWCARES Status – Final update from AT&T on Outage Recovery

You should not use RedditAsk in r/amateur Radioif anybody knew anything they gave us plenty of usable informationseveral decided that it was better to make a personal attackCodeless Extra – See Glossary for terms used on the show.Read More About Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast At

Contact Info For Richard KB5JBV: