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Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 27 The Demise of HAM-COM

Ham-Com Ham Radio Convention is Dead?

Farewell HAM-COMAmateur Radio Convention5th Largest Ham Fest in the U.S.A Letter from the HAM-Com Commiteeread about it here the full letter from the League here lament the loss of Ham COMWouff-Hong will the ARRL Convention Be?the move from Arlington to PlanoWe got our rad work in PlanoARRL side was well runLets not forget the Rick N5VA the sign man of Baton Rouge will get to sit down with those guys at CoffeeCodeless Extra ClassLack of regard for Amateur Radio by the new licenseesKilling Cancer with RFDo a little DanceGnewton look alike contest

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast KB5JBV’s Christmas Special

Merry Christmas to allThanks Bill over at SolderSmokeField Gel BatteriesJerry at PARPKI6BGE BuzzwordK7AGEForumsWe need Email FeedbackSuperhetGel CellsAGM BatteriesGelled ElectrolyteSealed Lead Acid BatteryOut GassingLithium ION

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 26 Elmering In The New Millennium

Elmering in the new millenniumAmateur Radio in the Me, Me, Me, SocietyMedia has taken overMillennialsHams are a social bunchLack of information at local ClubsKnowing the folks in your clubHelp the codeless tech’sListening to other Podcasts1971 QST ArticleRadio over the InternetSeparation of the HamsWho were your Elmer’sFather was a HAMCB BandGood Bye Arecibo Radio TelescopeNTSBPLWinlinkWhere is my ElmerDMRD-starFusionApartment LivingLast mile communicationsDiscord ServerVirtual Club MeetingsAdjusted Field day RulesLonely HAM with IssuesDivision of the HAM’sNo Basics from the Commercial and Non Commercial HAM Podcasts468/FmhzHero WorshipElmer AwardAmateur Radio is a social critter

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 022

Move to Blacksparrow mediaFormat adjustmentCQIntimidated by HFNets are a good choiceDX NetsWAS Nets3905 CCN NetTriple H NetOMISS NetsJoin OrganizationsFISTS10-10 NetsIOTAAWARDSDX down low on the bandsUse other modes or bandsUse Digital Modes Stuff like Meteor Scatter and Moon BounceGet on the air, dint be afraid

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 021 Propagation, Repeaters and Roy

Carl K9LA

Carl K9LAPropagationLine of SightGround WaveTropospheric Propagationionospheric PropagationMoon BounceHF PropagationSpace WeatherK-IndexGeomagnetic FieldGeomagnetic StormsAuroraPower GridSun SpotsWWVVoacapW6ELPROPSporadic EE SkipAuroral PropagationBack ScatterBlind Zone Skip ZoneNVISPrime Missions

Former North Texas Section Manager Roy Rabey AD5KZ

Former ARRL Section Manager Roy Rabey and repeatersRepeater SiteRepeater LinkingRepeater ControllerTrusteePhone PatchAutopatchEcholinkIRLPPizza Delivery via Amateur RadioDuplexerFrequency CoordinatorExperimental FrequenciesPlay FriendlyControl OperatorTrusteeD-StarDigital Voice

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 25 Arecibo Telescope, DMR Show Maybe, Old Spotter Tales

Ganesha is the new guyMore fun than shooting guns in the houseLament for the Arecibo TelescopeImigdio InegoSpotter SafetyFerrell N4FRLMay be coming on board as DMR consultantStorm SpottingRACESARESHP SupercellNot Storm ChaserCore PuncherSir Robert PeelLancaster Texas TornadoSpotting from the Bath TubKris Campbell Bailey Ferguson KC5AYLMay Fest Hail StormOld Ford Pickup ;)Idiots stopping on the Highway under the over passesForney Texas Spotting locationShe drove off and left meCedar Creek Tornadowent to the staging area rode with police to do damage assementFort Worth TornadoWhere the west beginsF3 in downtownChristmas TornadoMesquite TexasF1 in Mesquite TexasNet Control that dayPause for the cause “Net Please Standby”Take a deep breath and chillThe Great Forney TornadoForney TexasUpclose and personalF2 – 3Good bye housing editionIce down the meatNo man left behindKeep the net open until everybody is homeBovinicidePoor Little CowGive a guy a ridereport from a safe placeif it is unsafe get the hell out

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 020 Storm Spotting, Spotter Safety and the Oklahoma City Bombing

A copy of this spotter training is available that is repeater ready. Please email if you would like a copy.

The Great Forney Texas tornado from the parking lot of my job

Windows FailHunt and PounceCQoogleOklahoma city bombingSATERNLinux RocksBuzzword Storm SpottersSkywarnGround TruthARESCraig Green KV5EObserve and ReportStorm Spotter SafetySpot with a PartnerHydro Planing Watch out for the looky loosFull Tank of GasCPR TrainingDON’T PUNCH THE CORE!!!Have an Escape RouteDont cross Water on the RoadKeep your engine runningSpotting after darkFixed SpottersLightning Safety

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 24 The Interface, Pod Fading Again, You can be a Podcaster

Fought like crazy to get this one postedMissed message to my Cult followingSparring on RedditReddit battle has cooledFree publicity, I love itAdvanced in the search engine results Brenda is on the mend and cooked Thanksgiving DinnerExcerpts from Reddit are posted at the websiteClinical term verified by Dr. PhilThe interface between Commercial and Non Commercial Amateur radio PodcastsTeach Amateur Radio to learn itAmateur Radio ClassesARRL Instructors ManualQuestion PoolElmeringInterfaceCommercial Amateur Radio PodcastNon Commercial PodcastWet My WhistleLDG, LDG, LDG, LDGIcom commercialsSplit it upPod FadingLament for the great Amateur radio PodcastsNews Articles BadTo many interviews BadCommercial guys have more money than we doMic in the wrong place hasn’t been updated in yearsColin and Martin ICQpodcast can be a Podcasterold WebsitesShort history of Resonant FrequencyResonant Frequency was a PhenomenonNatural TeacherAmateur Q & APodcasting?a Mica ComputerAudacityFind a place to park itWordpressTeach, Teach, TeachWe will help if needed

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 019 Calling Frequency and DX Cluster

Feedback, Frapper Map, Irving HAM Fest, Buzz Word: Calling Frequency, DX Cluster

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 23 Evil Bitches, Reddit and the Lovely Cheryl

Lost the Episode that was supposed to be herehad to cut 15 minutes of this episode to make it Apple safeTale of two podcastsPod Fadinginterface between commercial podcasts and unpaid amateur radio podcastsRedditAll about the BoobsHand spanked by ModeratorCranky Female BitchesTold my website is crapNaked Woo Hoo!Told me how to run my showIf you dont like it get your own damned showMake HAM Radio SexyEvil Roots @ RedditGet a CAMI got videos dumbassRichard you’ve been a naughty boyHave you seen the about pageIf it offends you don’t look at itIssues with the girlsEye candy :)apologies to the moderatorIf you want to spar my email is all over the InternetEvil Root comments on the websiteI approved it, We’re not FacebookEasy to hide behind a handleThese ladies seem to be good operatorsSeem to have a bug up there assWorship of the Feminine formPleasing to look atSexist?Hi HoneyIf you don’t want to look at it, Don’tComplaining about the gal on the bannerThe girls have been here 14 yearsBig Boobys Whoo Hoo!operators ran off because of a Baofeng radioRadio Police rarely participateThey’re lazyHobby My Ass!!!Bring them in, teach them, don’t ridicule themI’ll behave :(Choke that light not your significant otherGet your Ass on the Radio by whatever means Homely GalsOh my god I stole Jerry Taylors taglineJerry KD0BIK at the Practical Amateur Radio PodcastAnd last but not least… WE LOVE BOOBYS