Richard’s Radio Adventures

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 16 Pi-star, DMR and LHS.

Vintage Psychotropic intro From Linux in the Ham Shack. Recently visited Russ, Cheryl and Bill over at Linux in the Ham Shack Not just about Linux and Amateur Radio. Recent episodes have a couple of interviews with Andy Taylor MW0MWZ The Pi-Star guy and Episodes about D-Stat and XLX reflectors and a lot more. I…

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Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 15 The World Class Heroes Of Brandmeister Talk Group 91

This time we talk about the net control operators on the Brandmeister Talk Group 91. These guys in my opinion are World Class net controls. They stay cool calm and collected under some of the most adverse operating conditions that you can encounter as a net control repeater police, stations checking in out of order…

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HOW TO BREAK THE 10-WORDS-PER-MINUTE CODE BARRIERBy Richard Humphrey When this article was first published in 1974, the best Morse-Code-learning aids available to hams were the Instructograph paper-tape-based machine, phonograph records, and magnetic tapes (open-reel and cassette – I’m not aware of anything on 8-Track). Nowadays, we have software-based and standalone electronic aids, with more…

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Resonant Frequency Video Edition

Years ago we started to do a few videos for Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast but as with the rest of the show time got in the way and we had to abandon that as well. I went over to my Youtube account recently and found two of the videos were gone I guess…

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RFPVE 003: intro to JT-65

rfve03: intro to JT-65

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 10 The Silence of the HAM’s (Alcohol Fueled)

This time we talk about DMR, C4FM, D-Star, Elmering, digital protocols being the next best thing. Division of the amateur radio community instead of coming together. Got a new radio working on a hidden antenna. Would like to start a new club in Terrell Texas. Lack of Elmering the new guys in north Texas. Big…

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Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 9A “Alcohol Fueled”

OK this Co-vid thing has me drinkin’ a bit. So this is the original bit. I had decided not to release it but Bill KA9WKA said it would be ok. Oh the shame.

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 9

Richard is back. This ramble cast is about getting the Podcast back online. Gearing up to get back on the air. getting new episodes of both podcast going and that the folks at the Dallas amateur Radio Club are assholes.

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 8

Whose you your hero’s in Amateur radio?

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 7

Stories of the great Forney tornado of April 3 2012.