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RRA EP 28 The Horrific Nashville Bombing and Codeless Extras

The Christmas day Nashville Tennessee Bombing Caught on camera

The Nashville Bombing and Codeless Extra Class Operators

Sorry trying another method for recording that is not goodGreeting to Richard’s Radio AdventuresThe Christmas Day Nashville BombingChristmas Morning 2020Van broadcasting warningMinimal injuriesAT&T hub in Nashville disabledThe goal of Terrorism is to create FEAR not to rack up a body count. If there is a body count that’s just gravy for the terrorist. The Amateur Radio community ralliedARES was ready to goSocial media was nearly worthlessOnly responses on social media were on RedditA lot of good in formation the and the Idiot hobby radio operatorsI was told by one to heat up my hot pocket and get back to my Mama’s basementSome of the Emcomm events I was involved with:Moving traffic North Ridge EarthquakeMoving traffic on HF during hurricane KatrinaSpotting Lancaster TornadoSpotting Forney TX TornadoMoving traffic Oklahoma City Bombingand other eventsTechnology Fails in EmergenciesCell ServiceWireless internetAT&T Building attackedWCARES Status – Final update from AT&T on Outage Recovery

You should not use RedditAsk in r/amateur Radioif anybody knew anything they gave us plenty of usable informationseveral decided that it was better to make a personal attackCodeless Extra – See Glossary for terms used on the show.Read More About Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast At

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Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 024 The Amateur Radio Code and Marconi and Cheese

Resonant Frequency is looking for Authors on Amateur Radio TopicsResonant Frequency is looking for Moderators in the ForumsDonations links are upBuy your stuff at Amazon via the links on the websiteWe are on TwitterList of HAM Radio operators on Twitter @ Ham TwitNew podcastsPARP JerryKD0BIK.comICQ PodcastWWW.ICQpodcast.comWorking on emailAmateur Radio CodeMarconiTelegraph RegisterFirst Trans Atlantic transmission bombed1902 signal test from poldhu1,125 milesLine of SightGlace BayTheodore Roosevelt to King Edward the VII of EnglandMore about MarconiMarconi’s People on the TitanicPatent disputesMarconi’s Political Career

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 27 The Demise of HAM-COM

Ham-Com Ham Radio Convention is Dead?

Farewell HAM-COMAmateur Radio Convention5th Largest Ham Fest in the U.S.A Letter from the HAM-Com Commiteeread about it here the full letter from the League here lament the loss of Ham COMWouff-Hong will the ARRL Convention Be?the move from Arlington to PlanoWe got our rad work in PlanoARRL side was well runLets not forget the Rick N5VA the sign man of Baton Rouge will get to sit down with those guys at CoffeeCodeless Extra ClassLack of regard for Amateur Radio by the new licenseesKilling Cancer with RFDo a little DanceGnewton look alike contest

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast KB5JBV’s Christmas Special

Merry Christmas to allThanks Bill over at SolderSmokeField Gel BatteriesJerry at PARPKI6BGE BuzzwordK7AGEForumsWe need Email FeedbackSuperhetGel CellsAGM BatteriesGelled ElectrolyteSealed Lead Acid BatteryOut GassingLithium ION

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 26 Elmering In The New Millennium

Elmering in the new millenniumAmateur Radio in the Me, Me, Me, SocietyMedia has taken overMillennialsHams are a social bunchLack of information at local ClubsKnowing the folks in your clubHelp the codeless tech’sListening to other Podcasts1971 QST ArticleRadio over the InternetSeparation of the HamsWho were your Elmer’sFather was a HAMCB BandGood Bye Arecibo Radio TelescopeNTSBPLWinlinkWhere is my ElmerDMRD-starFusionApartment LivingLast mile communicationsDiscord ServerVirtual Club MeetingsAdjusted Field day RulesLonely HAM with IssuesDivision of the HAM’sNo Basics from the Commercial and Non Commercial HAM Podcasts468/FmhzHero WorshipElmer AwardAmateur Radio is a social critter

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 022

Move to Blacksparrow mediaFormat adjustmentCQIntimidated by HFNets are a good choiceDX NetsWAS Nets3905 CCN NetTriple H NetOMISS NetsJoin OrganizationsFISTS10-10 NetsIOTAAWARDSDX down low on the bandsUse other modes or bandsUse Digital Modes Stuff like Meteor Scatter and Moon BounceGet on the air, dint be afraid

LHS Episode #384: Goodbye, 2020

Hello and welcome to Episode 384 of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this final episode of 2020, we invite listeners to join us via Discord for a discussion of …

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 021 Propagation, Repeaters and Roy

Carl K9LA

Carl K9LAPropagationLine of SightGround WaveTropospheric Propagationionospheric PropagationMoon BounceHF PropagationSpace WeatherK-IndexGeomagnetic FieldGeomagnetic StormsAuroraPower GridSun SpotsWWVVoacapW6ELPROPSporadic EE SkipAuroral PropagationBack ScatterBlind Zone Skip ZoneNVISPrime Missions

Former North Texas Section Manager Roy Rabey AD5KZ

Former ARRL Section Manager Roy Rabey and repeatersRepeater SiteRepeater LinkingRepeater ControllerTrusteePhone PatchAutopatchEcholinkIRLPPizza Delivery via Amateur RadioDuplexerFrequency CoordinatorExperimental FrequenciesPlay FriendlyControl OperatorTrusteeD-StarDigital Voice

LHS Episode #383: Baby YOTA

Welcome to the 383rd episode of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this short topics episode, the hosts discuss December as YOTA Month, e-mail addresses on FCC applications, new rules …

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 25 Arecibo Telescope, DMR Show Maybe, Old Spotter Tales

Ganesha is the new guyMore fun than shooting guns in the houseLament for the Arecibo TelescopeImigdio InegoSpotter SafetyFerrell N4FRLMay be coming on board as DMR consultantStorm SpottingRACESARESHP SupercellNot Storm ChaserCore PuncherSir Robert PeelLancaster Texas TornadoSpotting from the Bath TubKris Campbell Bailey Ferguson KC5AYLMay Fest Hail StormOld Ford Pickup ;)Idiots stopping on the Highway under the over passesForney Texas Spotting locationShe drove off and left meCedar Creek Tornadowent to the staging area rode with police to do damage assementFort Worth TornadoWhere the west beginsF3 in downtownChristmas TornadoMesquite TexasF1 in Mesquite TexasNet Control that dayPause for the cause “Net Please Standby”Take a deep breath and chillThe Great Forney TornadoForney TexasUpclose and personalF2 – 3Good bye housing editionIce down the meatNo man left behindKeep the net open until everybody is homeBovinicidePoor Little CowGive a guy a ridereport from a safe placeif it is unsafe get the hell out