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RFC Show Notes Episode 027

00:00 Opening Theme   00:54 Introduction   01:23 Feedback Regarding episode 25, Thomas, WC5B, says he has changed his mind about what he recommends to new hams for a first radio, based on Richard’s comments. Ray, KO4RB, also talks about episode 25 and his thoughts on a handy-talk as a first radio. Jerry, KD0BIK, of…

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RFC Show Notes Episode 026

00:00 Opening Theme   00:53 Introduction As of this recording, there have been 680 downloads of Resonant Frequency, The Amateur Radio Podcast. Thanks! The media has blown the last two hurricanes all out of proportion. 02:54 Feedback Randy, K7AGE, agrees that a 2-meter handy-talk is a good first radio. (Check out Randy’s youtube videos.) Ray,…

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