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LHS Episode #071: Nudge, Nudge

In Linux in the Ham Shack’s sexiest episode ever, the guys take on some sensuous applications from the Python world. Dan, KK7DS, has been writing cross-platform software for D-STAR and rig programming for some time. Richard and Russ take on a couple of his more prominent works: d-rats and chirp. On the purely Linux and […]

LHS Episode #070: The Stroke

Welcome to another installment of Linux in the Ham Shack. In this episode, our mostly unprepared hosts discuss a couple of interesting topics. Yes, really, they are interesting. In the Ham Geeky™ section, Richard plows the fertile fields of contest loggers for Linux, as well as cross-platform solutions, including running your own favorites under WINE. […]

LHS Episode #069: Our CUPS Runneth Over

In this episode of Linux in the Ham Shack, our heroes manage to stay more or less on topic, which means there might be some actual content for the listeners. Hooray for small miracles. In segment one, Richard discusses his adventure at the Texoma Hamarama in Ardmore, Oklahoma. In segment two, the boys get all […]

LHS Episode #068: Hell Sheep

And finally the podcast is caught up. All the back episodes have been edited and released and now Russ is taking a break, breathing a little easier and hiding from the hell sheep. In this episode, the hosts talk about the new release of Ubuntu (formal review coming later), the KDE desktop, doing noise cancellation […]

LHS Episode #067: The Left Hand of ARES

And we are back. In this installment, Richard tells us all about his renewed interest in emergency communications and his dealings with ARES in the Texas county where he now lives. On the Linux side of things, Russ talks about some security issues: the hacking of, emacs violates the GPL and how to get […]

LHS Episode #066: His Name is Ted

It’s no mystery that we at Linux in the Ham Shack are big fans of the application known as fldigi. We’ve even had the author of the program, W1HKJ, on the program to talk about it. We consider it one of the best Linux-native programs for ham radio ever written. That being said, one of […]

LHS Episode #065: Bottoms Up

In today’s long-awaited episode of LHS, we tackle a topic from a few episodes back, that of Open Hatch, the Open Source collaboration project. In another segment, Richard explores what it’s like to go through the process of getting your first amateur radio license. Among these topics we also mention the ICQ Podcast from the […]

LHS Episode #064: Winlink and AX.25

Welcome to Episode #062 of Linux in the Ham Shack. Today Richard has decided he’s going to talk a bit (OK, a lot) about Winlink, AX.25 and packet radio under Linux. In the meantime, I get to discuss some useful Linux utilities like modprobe, wget and the SysV init script system. So get comfortable in […]

LHS Episode #063: South of the Border

Hello, new and faithful listeners. Welcome to the sixty-first-eth installment of Linux in the Ham Shack. If anyone has been paying attention lately, a lot of podcasters are packing up their gear and moving on to other things. Many more have moved into much more irregular release cycles. We on the other hand are coming […]

LHS Episode #062: The Sound of Linux

Okay, so we managed to take a two month hiatus and we didn’t even know it was going to happen. Happen it did, though. Because of that, Episode #062 and #063 will have some dated information but most of it has been edited out and the stuff contained within that will be timeless has been […]