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Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 018 Cody, HAARP Array and Stealth Antennas

This time HAARP Array, Stealth antennas and Los Lonely Boys. You really cant beat it and our Buzz word is Guy Wire

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 22 DMR, Covid-19 and Richard gots Cred

Covid-19Special Field RulesDARC are AssholesThanks Larry (Shithead)New Club is limpingCulture ShockARESRichard gots credentialsGeorge KJ6VUThe licensing test jokeQuestion PoolRadio Shack KitsPropagate The HobbyMakin a livinCranky old ranting bastardNew Consultants to the ShowNot about making moneyPublic ServiceWe are not here to make moneyWe need consultantsAE5E RonKE4QDC DerwenSATERNYour good in the database but…RED CROSSUpclose and Personal with TornadosThe Great Forney TornadoSelling off our FrequenciesBetty FordCitizens Band License

Strangely Enough Episode 8 (2007)

Amish men charge over they’re buggy’sWeird wine labels lead to police crackdownRecord number of UFO sightings in CanadaMan 30 arrested for shooting kids in the legs with BB GunMass severed foot migration updateRear Siamese twin birds foundMan converts home to church to avoid taxesPet owners are feeding the pets unhealthy diet

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 017 are you RTTY? Ask your Elmer.

They tell me I’m the Podcast Master.

Cody KE5RYK passes his license test. South Texas beware.

Buzzword this time is: Elmer

Then a sudo technical discussion about RTTY contesting and DXing

Richard’s Radio Adventures Episode 21 TYT MD-UV380 Solved, Message from the Chinese, Barnacles, and Perverts

MD-UV380 SolvedExcell DLLMicrosoft Office 2007 – 2013Open Office is outEmail from the ChineseGoing to divide the work between the two DMR RadiosSimplex and Duplex HotspotsFuture VideosXLX ReflectorDo not purchase the TYT MD-UV380Buy the Anytone if you don’t want issuesContact ListCPS – Computer Programming SoftwareFuture Hotspot videosThank you my faithful listeners

Strangely Enough Episode 7 (2007)

Flying Saucers are comingMare on the Moon may have waterHuman foot found on Swedish beach (Mass Severed Foot Migration)New leads on the severed feet in Canada (Mass Severed Foot Migration)UFO Group claim UFO flew near Presidents ranch and Dublin TexasA UFO has landed in West Bengal.English civil war ghost captured on film

Richard’ Radio Adventures Episode 20 Reminiscences of the old days of amateur radio podcasts, MD-UV380 Nightmare Continued, Rod and Flo Revisited

Low SWRPractical amateur radio podcastEvolution of Resonant Frequency: The Amateur radio PodcastInterviewsBarnaclesWild West PodcastingMake Amateur Radio SexyHamComLinux in the Ham ShackNew way of Amateur Radio PodcastingLow SWRSolder SmokeMD-UV380 Horror Story AgainWe do miss GnewtonTYT Nightmare WebsiteGood God Gnorman Spiked My Drink!!!

Strangely Enough Episode 6 (2007)

The mass severed foot migration continuesSchool confiscates birthday party invitations to insure against discriminationNew Mexico judges name change to an offensive termWoman in Utah gets snakes in her oxygen generatorNorth Carolina remove WTF from license platesMan sentences in California for burning the Burning ManMan leaves paper rose in Arkansas county jail because he was sorry for escapingIn Michigan man accused of stabbing mother with fork and assaulting a second woman with 10 pounds of chicken Wisconsin sculptor creates sculpture of historical painting out of 2000 pounds of cheeses.American hiker in Germany uses her sports bra to signal for help

Resonant Frequency: The Amateur Radio Podcast Episode 016 A shocking occurrence, Part 97 and a little bit about Echolink

First episode after we had a lightning strike at the studio in Balch Springs Texas.

everything was ready to go, but a lightning strike zapped several computers and other equipment, so the work on the episode was lost. Sorry for the delay in getting this one out.

After the lightning strike, we had a death in the family, and a birth. It’s been busy!

Buzzword: We take a look at Part 97

We even have the first appearance of the full version of “Hand Picked” that is currently the intro music for Richard’s radio Adventures.

Then we have an introduction to Echolink

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