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Resonant Frequency Episode #054 Standing Waves in DeForest

Resonant frequency Episode 54 is hot off the presses.
This time we talk a little bit about SWR and the self proclaimed Father of Radio Lee DeForest. Check out the show notes at
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Resonant Frequency Episode 053 Banging with the Baofeng and an old Desoto

Well folks here is is the product of out labors. I hope you feel it was worth waiting for. I would to love to hear your input on this episode. Go forth and spread the good news that Resonant Frequency: The amateur radio podcast is back and we look forward to many more episodes with…

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Resonant Frequency Classic #052: Mobile Install Part 2

It is time again for a new episode. This time we dispense with feedback. We have so much we will need to do a separate episode. We do continue our mobile install series this time . we talk about running you power cable. Music by the usual suspects and a cople from IODA promonet. Kirk…

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Resonant Frequency classic #051: Studying to the Test.

Ok kids were in the studio but were doing one of the mobile / ramble episodes. The question was studying to the test. Memorizing the answers to the license test or studying the material. Thanks to the Tyler amateur radio club for the inspiration for th…

Resonant Frequency Classic #050: Mobile Install

Lots of feedback in this episode. We also make an announcement about the spectrum threat to the 70 cm band. We start our mobile install series and even play some music from our old buddy Brad Suck’s
Royalty-free music for professiona…

Resonant Frequency Classic #049: Linux in the Ham shack Mobile.

OK folks heres another one. This time we are in the mobile studio and we are talking about a cost effective method of pursuing Amateur Radio. Linux! Listen at the end for a track from Brad Suck’s album “Out of It”
Royalty-free m…

Resonant Frequency Classic #048: RACES, D-Rats, and Feedback Oh My. Episode 48

Ok folks this is an all feedback episode we talk about RACES, D-Star and much more. We will get on with some radio stuff in the next studio episode. enjoy. Music for this episode was provided by IODA Promonet: Kirk Fletcher “Blues for Boo Boo” (mp3) from “Shades of Blue” (DELTA GROOVE PRODUCTIONS) Buy at…

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Resonant Frequency Classic #047: Whats happening update.

We are back. We are in a state of maximum backness. This episode is to get us up to speed on the doin’s at Resonant Frequency. The next will get us caught up on feedback. Then we are off to the races.
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Resonant Frequency Classic #046: The Riff Raff that say Riff Raff.

The Itunes feed is still not working. This time we talk about one of my pet peeves. I hope nobody thinks I am one of the Riff Raff.
Music by the usual suspects
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Resonant Frequency Classic #045: Failed plans make for more feedback.

This Itunes feed is still down. Here is episode 45 of Resonant Frequency. We’re back in the studio for this episode. this is another all feedback episode I had planned some thing different but it didn’t work out. Music is provided courtesy of IODA Promonet: Magic Slim and the Teardrops “Do You Mean It” (mp3)…

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