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Just another reason that I am proud to be a “HAM”

I received this by email from Jody at the Rambler Radio Club. Reminds me of what Ham Radio used to be. Makes me proud to be a Ham too. Friends, I just finished adding the following to my school blog. Please feel free to pass it along. This past month one of our Rambler Radio…

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LHS Episode #056: The Squeal of Feedback

Hi, folks. Episode #054 of Linux in the Ham Shack is an all-feedback episode. We cover a lot of ground in this one, from how to run Linux using WUBI, via dual boot, from a flash drive and more. There’s a bit about PIC controllers, feed problems, sticks in the mud, a sprinkling of badgers […]

RF VE 02: Dx Clusters, Telnet, XDX, and more fun stuff

This video is a short beginning tutorial for XDX and Dx Clusters we even try a little Telnet.

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Resonant Frequency The amateur radio podcast

This is an article I wrote for the local club Newsletters here in north Texas when we first started the show. It was published in at least 20 newsletters around the area. I was a proud Papa. Resonant Frequency The amateur radio podcast About two months ago I started an amateur radio podcast. At Resonant…

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Resonant Frequency Video Edition 1

Ok Kids here is another attempt to do some videos for you. I am still learning and the quality is not that great but here you go. Let me know what you think and we will make some more. Contact me at or on Twitter, or Face Boo…

RFC Show Notes Episode 047

00:08 Opening Theme “Hand-Picked” by John Williams, from the album “Long Ride Home” 01:01 Introduction We’re back! This is the first of several episodes recorded while mobile, though it’s the second attempt at recording this episode. 02:58 Announcements The iTunes feed for Resonant Frequency is back. Richard had to create it again, so you may…

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The Hams of Gainsville, Texas

I spent a couple of days in Gainsville Texas this week and I was amazed by the low profile nature of amateur radio in that city. After thirty six hours in Gainsville had not seen a single VHF or UHF antenna on a vehicle. I had not seem a single Skywarn or ARRL decal anywhere.…

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We’re back on iTunes!!!!

We are back on iTunes. after fighting the iTunes feed for a year we finally just applied for a new one. So Resonant Frequency: The Amateur radio Podcast is now available once again on iTunes. All my followers may rejoice. Go check it out at http://itu…

Response to a Question on Emcomm Training in my part of the world

A while back i was listening to some of the local Emcomm leadership moaning about the fact that people weren’t joining RACES and ARES in this area and the ones that were involved weren’t very effective. So in my normal fashion I chimed in with my two cents worth. After all i am a RACES…

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Who’s repeater is it any way?

After thinking about it I have decided that I may have enough information to write a little something on this subject. A few months back I received an email from one of the newsgroups I monitor. This particular message had to do with a local radio club that had ask a couple of gentleman to…

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