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What the heck is ARES?

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of articles to try and cover the basics of the three heads of public service communications. ARES, NTS, and RACES all have their strengths and weakness. Hopefully these articles will help you to understand how these three heads function as one to cover…

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So that’s you best argument against D-Star?

I like D-Star. I have found it very useful for some of my amateur radio work. The biggest argument I hear about D-Star is that it is proprietary. The codec is locked down so nobody can use it. The chips can’t be obtained. The radios cant be worked on and they are over priced. I…

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RFC Show Notes Episode 048

00:08 Opening Theme “Hand-Picked” by John Williams, from the album “Long Ride Home” 01:02 Introduction Back in the studio for an all-feedback episode. 01:50 Announcements GoDaddy has been added to the website as a sponsor. Check out the new Resonant Frequency website and click the GoDaddy link there for your web hosting needs. Remember, too,…

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T&L Episode 7: What Privacy?

I did a guest appearance on an episode of a podcast hosted by Steve Cherubino which shall remain nameless for…purposes. But since the topic of discussion was both interesting and in some cases me, I couldn’t let the audio go to waste. So here is the interview. We talked about my computing past, the concepts …

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Just another reason that I am proud to be a “HAM”

I received this by email from Jody at the Rambler Radio Club. Reminds me of what Ham Radio used to be. Makes me proud to be a Ham too. Friends, I just finished adding the following to my school blog. Please feel free to pass it along. This past month one of our Rambler Radio…

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LHS Episode #056: The Squeal of Feedback

Hi, folks. Episode #054 of Linux in the Ham Shack is an all-feedback episode. We cover a lot of ground in this one, from how to run Linux using WUBI, via dual boot, from a flash drive and more. There’s a bit about PIC controllers, feed problems, sticks in the mud, a sprinkling of badgers […]

RF VE 02: Dx Clusters, Telnet, XDX, and more fun stuff

This video is a short beginning tutorial for XDX and Dx Clusters we even try a little Telnet.

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Resonant Frequency The amateur radio podcast

This is an article I wrote for the local club Newsletters here in north Texas when we first started the show. It was published in at least 20 newsletters around the area. I was a proud Papa. Resonant Frequency The amateur radio podcast About two months ago I started an amateur radio podcast. At Resonant…

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Resonant Frequency Video Edition 1

Ok Kids here is another attempt to do some videos for you. I am still learning and the quality is not that great but here you go. Let me know what you think and we will make some more. Contact me at or on Twitter, or Face Boo…

RFC Show Notes Episode 047

00:08 Opening Theme “Hand-Picked” by John Williams, from the album “Long Ride Home” 01:01 Introduction We’re back! This is the first of several episodes recorded while mobile, though it’s the second attempt at recording this episode. 02:58 Announcements The iTunes feed for Resonant Frequency is back. Richard had to create it again, so you may…

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