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LHS Episode #051: Careless WSPR

A short while ago, Canonical released the latest version of Ubuntu: the fabled Maverick Meerkat, 10.10. This is the latest in Ubuntu’s normal release cycle and is not LTS. I had occasion to upgrade a couple of my personal computers running Ubuntu to the wily Meerkat. Find out what’s new in 10.10, and what’s old, […]

T&L Episode 6: The Origin of Open Source

This episode of the Tech & Loathing is the audio recording of my talk at Ohio Linux Fest 2010 entitled “The Origin of Open Source.”  The talk turned into a strange but, I think, interesting melange of Open Source philosophy, history, sociology and religion.  The biggest problem was the poor audio recording equipment used in a …

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T&L Episode 5: You’re Driving Me Crazy

In this episode of the QSK Netcast, your hero takes his road rage into the netcast arena. With a top-ten list of bad driving buffoonery to choose from, I stand on my soapbox for an entire episode and spout off to my heart’s content. Be warned, the explicit tag on this episode means EXPLICIT.  No two …

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RFC Show Notes Episode 046

00:00 Disclaimer Richard assures us that this episode was not influenced by his recent interaction with the Dallas Amateur Radio Club. 00:58 Opening Theme “Hand-Picked” by John Williams, from the album “Long Ride Home” 01:51 Introduction Another episode recorded mobile.  One of a few recorded prior to some significant dental work. 03:02 Announcements Keep an…

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RFC Show Notes Episode 045

00:00 Opening Theme “Hand-Picked” by John Williams, from the album “Long Ride Home” 01:01 Introduction An episode from the studio! Lots of feedback this episode. 02:02 Announcements Russ has restarted the Black Sparrow Media network. Visit to find the latest news and shows. 03:18 Jerry Taylor has taken a break from his show The…

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T&L Episode 4: AM vs. FM

After a discussion on IRC that I’ve had several times before over the past few years, I decided to put my thoughts on the difference between AM and FM radio into a podcast. This talk gets a little bit technical but I think it’s easy enough for the average listener to follow. Thank you, Linux Basement, for mentioning the …

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T&L Episode 3: Old and in the Way

Episode 3 of QSK is a rantcast. Cheryl, my significant other, and I ruminate on the state of motor vehicle licensing in the world, how ridiculous the situation has gotten and what we’re planning on doing about it.  This one is a fun ride, so sit back and enjoy the total lack of political correctness. …

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T&L Episode 2: MP3 v. OGG

Thanks to Klaatu for coming on board tonight to talk about the debate over software patents and the MP3 format vs. Open Source audio codecs like OGG. The audio leaves a little bit to be desired but everything is understandable. Please tell everyone about the netcast. Thanks for listening and hope to have you back for …

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T&L Episode 1: Devil in the Details

This is the very first episode of the Tech & Loathing Netcast. I want to thank everyone who supports podcasting, netcasting, Internet broadcasting or whatever you want to call it. I also want to thank all those who believe in Open Source, who strive to mentor with every breath and who believe the world is …

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RFC Show Notes Episode 044

00:00 Opening Theme “Give It All Away”, by midliFeCrisis, from the album “Live from the Loft” 00:54 Introduction In the mobile studio, “2M”, again.     Please visit and make a donation, or buy something through the Amazon link.Send your Field Day stories – they make for great topics for future shows.If you were…

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